Revised payment terms with effect from 1st October 2023

  These are my revised payment terms with effect from October 1st 2023. Prices for each Timetrails tour are published on this site, stating clearly the price for each party member. These prices include group discounts and any other offers that might apply at the time of booking. For each booking a non-refundable deposit of 20 € PER PERSON must be paid AT THE TIME OF BOOKING. This deposit applies to ALL party members whether adults or children. It will then be deducted from the total amount when the final balance is paid. The outstanding balance must be paid AT LEAST 14 WORKING DAYS PRIOR TO THE DATE OF THE TOUR*. Failure to pay this balance on time may result in it being impossible to secure the date of your tour and/or cancellation of your tour**. ALL PAYMENTS ARE TO BE MADE BY BANK TRANSFER. Details of the account to which payments must be made will be confirmed in your Invoice/Facture. * "Last minute" bookings (i.e. made within 14 days of the tour date) must

"Just a tour guide"?

  Why do I enjoy my tours so much? A little while ago somebody suggested I was "just a tour guide" and I actually found that quite depressing. Partly this was because the tone of the comment demeaned the work done by people all over the world who love sharing their local art, culture and history with others. More significantly, however, my sense of sadness came from the fact that the person who made the comment is someone I had never met and had never experienced one of my tours. He actually had no idea what I really do.   For me, my tours are about so much more than pointing at things and telling people about them. Each tour is a performance which depends completely on the relationships I build with my guests. Sometimes this includes building relationships between guests who may never have met. Doing this helps to build the sense of exploration, mystery and fun. This is where my teaching experience comes in.   Having begun my teaching career with the very smallest school chi

YouTube channel updated!

If you haven't yet visited my YouTube channel, why not stop by and take a look at my videos? My channel began with a few short videos showing footage of sites included on my tours but I've now started extending my videos into short documentaries on a range of archaeological topics pertinent to the tours I offer. Take a look and, if you like what you see, remember to "like and subscribe".    I'd also love to hear from you if you have any comments, questions or suggestions for future videos. See you on YouTube!

The very latest reviews for summer 2023

Here are the latest reviews of my Pink Granite Coast and Locminé Loop tours. I send my thanks to everybody who has taken the time to get back to me with their feedback. I hope to see you all again one day. Lizzi from the United Kingdom said;- “We loved the in-depth storytelling of the regional and European archaeology. Philip was generous to accommodate our family and 4month old. We explored a range of space and “off the beaten track” areas. Philip's discussion was brilliant and perfectly captured each one of us. Thank you.” Meanwhile Andrea from Bielefeld, Germany says;- "Philip is a very open and nice person who showed and explained an incredible amount of new things to us. We learned a lot and laughed a lot. Despite the pouring rain, he managed to give us an informative and unforgettable day. If we have the opportunity, we will definitely book one of his other tours. Thank you, Philip. Absolutely reco