Tour 03 - Ménéac Markers Tour

The Ménéac Markers.

Adult prices from 36€ per person (based on a group of nine adult guests booking as a single party)

Ménéac is a small village roughly in the centre of Brittany. Often ignored by visitors to Brittany we will show you some of Ménéac's amazing secrets. 
For this tour we will meet in the centre of Ménéac in order to approach our first site from the west. The tour will take up to two and half hours in which you will see four extant neolithic sites (mostly menhirs) and a probable fifth that has fallen. We believe that these five menhirs were intended as way-markers to a far away site you will learn more about as the tour progresses.
Although only a short tour, this is one for the agile as there are some steep slopes and numerous slip and trip hazards. We would stress that this tour is taken entirely at your own risk. Having said that, your guide's arthritic knee has not proved to be a barrier to enjoying these sites. We do, however, recommend sturdy walking boots.
This tour will give us the opportunity to discuss what motivated ancient people to locate some of their monuments where they did, and how they may have understood their place in the landscape. The photo below shows the approach to the first site on this tour which is unforgettable for its sheer WOW factor!
Prices and Bookings:-
A single guest will pay 45

Parties of two to five guests pay
40,50€ per person (i.e. 10% discount).

For parties of six to nine guests the price is 36
€ per person (i.e. 20% discount).

This tour makes an ideal introduction to some of Brittany's "off the beaten track" archaeological gems. To make your booking enquiry or to request prices for a larger party please use the contact form at the foot of the navigation menu.
We recommend starting at around 11:00 and rounding off your tour in the little village of La Trinite-Porhoet.



E J Scott said…
Sounds fascinating. We look forward to doing this soon, hopefully.
really looking forward to showing you around. I'll be in touch soon.

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