The very latest reviews for summer 2023

Here are the latest reviews of my Pink Granite Coast and Locminé Loop tours. I send my thanks to everybody who has taken the time to get back to me with their feedback. I hope to see you all again one day.

Lizzi from the United Kingdom said;-


“We loved the in-depth storytelling of the regional and European archaeology. Philip was generous to accommodate our family and 4month old. We explored a range of space and “off the beaten track” areas. Philip's discussion was brilliant and perfectly captured each one of us. Thank you.”

Meanwhile Andrea from Bielefeld, Germany says;-


"Philip is a very open and nice person who showed and explained an incredible amount of new things to us. We learned a lot and laughed a lot. Despite the pouring rain, he managed to give us an informative and unforgettable day. If we have the opportunity, we will definitely book one of his other tours. Thank you, Philip. Absolutely recommended for those who come with a lot and those with little prior knowledge. Curiosity is enough!"

Sophie from Bude, United Kingdom said;-


“This was everything I had hoped for - and more. An absolute delight to spend three hours in the company of an enthusiastic expert and have an intellectual wander through the Neolithic period. My son came too and was really engaged by the tour.”

Emily from Gilbert, Arizona sent this;-


“Phil was an outstanding guide. His presentation was engaging and thoughtfully planned. He’s a brilliant man and funny as well; one of those favorite professor types. We will absolutely take another tour from him the next time we return to Brittany.”

Jessica from Bordeaux, France said;-


“A great experience! Philip is an excellent teacher who knows how to make old stones captivating. Everything was very clear, very well contextualized, and the inter-relationships with other sites were relevant and really interesting. We loved our afternoon with him, and when we come back to another part of Brittany, we'll be sure to take another tour with him!”
(Translated from French)

... and Rosa from Amsterdam, Holland said


“We had the pleasure of joining Philip on an incredible journey through the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age archaeological sites along the Pink Granite Coast. Philip's passion and deep knowledge made the tour truly captivating. His engaging nature and sense of humor added an extra layer of fun to the experience. Exploring the ancient sites and touching the carvings was a humbling and awe-inspiring connection to our ancestors. Philip's expertise and enthusiasm made this adventure truly exceptional. Highly recommended!”

Nicole and family from California said;-


“A must to know the inside story on the stones of Brittany; the chance to rent your own private archaeologist! The previous reviews are not exaggerating: Phil was stupendous. We had been to a few megalithic sites in the area, including the famed Carnac, that had inadequate explanations. However, Phil -- as an archaeologist that worked on Stonehenge and other megalithic structures -- had an intimate knowledge of the neolithic and bronze-age civilizations of the area. He is up to date on the latest research and could answer every last question we posed to him with the clarity and entertainment of your favorite childhood teacher. He took us to sites where the stones were harvested, where they were shaped, how they were transported, and how their use changed over 1,000 years, and the work that archaeologists have done with them. He is a master storyteller that will have you regaled for hours. Our only regret is that we couldn't hire him full-time to be our archaeologist on permanent retainer.”

Stephen from Tasmania said;-


“Our time with Phillip exceeded all expectations! His knowledge, presentation, humour, and his making us feel that we truly were connecting with the Bronze Age communities of Brittany - were all so enjoyable and inspiring.”

... and, finally, Kimberly and family from Somerset in the UK said;- 


“we had such a fantastic day with Phillip, as a teacher he was able to engage two teenage girls for hours, and as parents we found him fascinating as well. The sites we visited were varied, thoughtful and in a reasonably small area along the coast. As an archaeologist Phillips knowledge is incredible, his stories and explanations of what we were seeing made the day whizz by.”


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