TOUR 06 - Carnac and Beyond (seasonal variations apply)

Tour 06 - Carnac and Beyond Tour- (seasonal variations apply)

With a duration of between three and half, and five hours this is a tour for the real enthusiast of all things prehistoric. If you are a casual visitor with only a passing interest in the ancient sites of Brittany this may not be the tour for you. Please read through this page fully before booking.

Adult prices from 68€ per person (based on an open group of six to ten adult guests booking as a single party) - see bottom of page for full price information.

Carnac is rightly famous all over the world for its spectacular ancient monuments, most notably the alignments of over 3,000 standing stones. What many visitors to the area do not realise, however, is that these stones are not freely accessible to the public from the beginning of April until the end of September. Visitors are often also unaware of the vast riches surrounding Carnac that are frequently missed.

Carnac Alignments

On this tour you will be introduced to an array of monuments from stone rows to burial monuments of varying types. Some of the sites we visit will be easy to spot while others are "hidden gems", tucked away out of the sight of most visitors. One of the major highlights during the winter season (October to March) will be the opportunity to walk freely amongst one of the huge alignments at Carnac at the end of your tour, (an opportunity not available to visitors over the summer season).

one of the burial monuments we will visit

This tour will visit a minimum of seven sites and will take at least three and half hours (not including any breaks taken for a picnic lunch). If you choose to visit the three optional sites which are possible on this tour be prepared to add up to two extra hours.

As with all my tours, transport is NOT provided. 

On the day of your tour we will meet at an agreed rendez-vous point where you will be given more specific information about the route which covers just over 20km (roughly 13 miles). You will also be given some contact details just in case we should happen to become separated during your visit. Don't worry; since starting my tours in 2020, this has never happened.

Following your tour briefing I will then take the lead in my own vehicle to guide you to each site, starting with a fantastic example of a stone alignment at which I will introduce you to the time period during which the monuments on your tour were built. You will then be free to walk around and experience the stones for a short period before we move on to the next site.

With a start time of 10:30 am I recommend taking a packed lunch with you. A range of boulangeries and supermarkets are available in the area which will enable you to assemble a good picnic for the day.

To fully enjoy this tour you will need to be mobile and not worried about getting mucky, (especially if it's wet). Although you will not be walking any significant distances I recommend some decent walking shoes for grip when it's slippy, and some waterproofs (just in case). 

To fully appreciate some of the carvings visible inside one of the tombs we visit it is necessary to enter a very dark space down some steep steps. 

Although parking is available at all the sites we visit please also be aware that some of the sites are alongside some busy roads.

Open Group Prices and Bookings:- (prices effective from 1st October 2023)

A single guest or couple will pay 85per person

Parties of three to five guests pay 76.50€ per person (i.e. 10% discount).

For parties of six to ten guests the price is 68€ per person (i.e. 20% discount).

700€ (maximum of 10 guests)

To make your booking enquiry, or to request prices for a larger party please complete the contact form at the bottom of the navigation menu. Alternatively you can email me at

We regret this tour is not suitable for guests who require the use of a wheelchair or other mobility aids.

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