Tour 05 - Mystery and Prehistory of the Pink Granite Coast Tour

This is, by far, my most popular tour. 

One of the "holy grails" of archaeological research is the decoding of ancient messages preserved in rock art and, here in Brittany, there are lots of them if you know where to look.


From the carved interior of the magnificent Gavrinis tomb in the Gulf of Morbihan, to barely discernible "cup marks" on rural menhirs, the prehistoric inhabitants of the region left messages in the stone. These carvings, or petroglyphs must have had meanings that where clearly understood by people of the day but those meanings have been lost to us

Our tour of a short section of Brittany's stunning "pink granite coast" takes in five sites with preserved carvings clearly visible at two of them.

Hidden away inside ancient burial chambers, we invite you to get on your hands and knees to get "up close and personal" with some of these petroglyphs, which are up to 5,500 years old.

Some of the carvings are easy to spot, but we'll help you to search out many of the others.

We will end our tour with a short visit to a site which displays the importance some of these monuments have retained over thousands of years and the roll that rock art continues to play even in our own times.

To enjoy this tour you will need to be mobile and not worried about getting mucky, (especially if it's wet). Although you will not be walking any significant distances we recommend some decent walking shoes for grip when it's slippy, and some waterproofs (just in case). To fully appreciate the visible carvings it is necessary to enter some restricted spaces. Please also be aware that two of the sites are alongside some relatively busy roads.

If you would be interested in taking this tour please  contact us with details of when you would like to visit, and the size of your party. We'll then get back to you with further information and pricing details.


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