Tour 02 - St Just Tour

The St Just smörgåsbord

Adult prices from 44€ per person (based on a group of nine adult guests booking as a single party)

If you are looking for something "a bit special" this walk presents you with a veritable smörgåsbord of relics and monuments spanning two millennia of human activity in Brittany.  

This trail takes us across dry heathland close to the village of St Just, approximately 45 minutes by car to the southwest of Rennes in the Ille-et-Vilaine department of Brittany. If you're staying in the Morbihan area, this site lies just over an hour east of Vannes by road.

Over roughly three hours we will explore a stunning array of prehistoric monuments that are often overlooked by visitors to Britttany. Dating from the Neolithic and Bronze Age you will see stone rows, the remains of what may have been a complete stone circle, and some beautifully preserved tombs. The walk itself takes us through heathland that changes with the seasons, offering plenty of opportunities to enjoy the local fauna and flora, (keep an eye out for lizards and praying mantis).

The visit finishes with a short drive and a walk to the Treal Dolmen, one of my favourite sites in all of Brittany. After the visit there is the option for you to visit the small museum in the village of St Just, (if it's open!). The museum is free for children under the age of 12 and has a charge of 5€ for adults

This is a perfect tour for visitors who may not be venturing further west in Brittany, but who are still eager to explore its fascinating prehistoric heritage.
Although this is not a particularly challenging trail please be aware that there is very little cover from the elements so be sure to dress appropriately. If it's hot you will need a hat, sun-screen and some water with you and if it's wet, you WILL get wet!
Prices and Bookings:-
A single guest will pay 55

Parties of two to five guests pay
49,50€ per person (i.e. 10% discount).

For parties of six to nine guests the price is 44
€ per person (i.e. 20% discount).
To make your booking enquiry or to request more information please use the contact form at the foot of the navigation menu. Alterntiavely you can email us at .


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