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A Review of the Locminé Loop tour

Five stars are not enough! Ten stars at least.  We were staying at La Charbonniére near  Mohon [see details on these pages] and my hubby is into history and was shown the leaflet … me , well I can tag along. The price surprised me. I was in two minds if I should go or not, but I went and boy did I get a surprise!  You see the first location within minutes of starting. Philip, (even though he is a Bsc, MA, etc) is not stuffy, he brings it all alive. He doesn’t lecture you, he poses questions for you to think about. He doesn’t correct you like a schoolteacher, he patiently brings you around to seeing the past. He has a sense of humour… well he would have to have to keep me engaged for the whole afternoon!  Although I am an old lady I didn’t have any problems getting to and from the sites. Sensible shoes and clothes are all you need.  Philip didn’t just know about Neolithic times , he engaged in various other periods (I like medieval) . You can ask questions about anythin

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