Tour 02 - Locminé Loop Tour

The Locminé Loop

Adult prices from 52€ per person (based on a group of nine adult guests booking as a single party)

If you are living or taking a holiday in central Brittany, the busy little town of Locminé is a great starting point for a visit to some fascinating sites, ranging from the modest to the intriguing and the truly spectacular. This is the second most popular tour of the five that I currently offer and some guests have even taken it more than once!

Our rendez-vous point in Locminé

After meeting in the centre of Locminé we will head south to explore six fascinating sites. Our first stop will be a brief pause at a small dolmen (burial chamber) after which we will move on to discover a range of menhirs (standing stones), and a couple of sites of uncertain purpose, most of which rarely figure on the itinerary of visitors to this part of Brittany.

Our first stop

We will explore some of the associations between these sites and their natural surroundings whilst also taking some time to appreciate the ingenuity of the inhabitants of prehistoric Brittany. We will also do our best to find some of the carvings reported by various archaeologists at some of these monuments. Despite several visits we are yet to locate them all!

The smaller of two standing menhirs we will see on this tour!

Our tour ends at one of Brittany's oldest sites and one that has a real "wow" factor for anybody with an interest in some of western Europe's earliest civilisations.


Our final stop and one of the oldest sites in all of Brittany

This tour takes up to four hours (sometimes more if there are lots of questions) and involves some short walks for which sturdy shoes would be advisable. It is suitable for all ages but not all the sites we will visit are appropriate for people with mobility difficulties. There is an option to visit one site with a steep flight of steps to the bottom of a wooded river valley, but this can be omitted without detracting massively from the overall tour.

Prices and Bookings:- (prices effective from 1st October 2023)
A single guest or couple will pay 65€ per person

Parties of three to five guests pay
58,50€ per person (i.e. 10% discount).

For parties of six to nine guests the price is 52
€ per person (i.e. 20% discount).

PRIVATE GROUP (i.e. no other guests can join your tour) -
530€ (maximum of 9 guests)

To make your booking enquiry please complete the contact form at the bottom of the navigation menu. Alternatively you can email us at

I regret this tour is not suitable for guests who require the use of a wheelchair or other mobility aids. 


Anonymous said…
Five stars are not enough! Ten stars at least. My hubby is into history and was shown the leaflet … me , will I can tag along. The price surprised me. I was in two minds if I should go or not. I went and boy did I get a surprise. You see the first location within minutes of starting. Phil even though he is a Bsc etc he is not stuffy, he brings it all alive. He doesn’t lecture you, he poses questions for you to think about. He doesn’t correct you like a schoolteacher, he patiently brings you around to seeing the past. He has a sense of humour… well he would have to have to keep me engaged for the whole afternoon. Although I am an old lady I didn’t have any problems getting to and from the sites. Sensible shoes and clothes are all you need. He didn’t just know about Neolithic times , he engaged in various other periods (I like medieval) . You can ask questions about anything, to have such an educated and enthusiastic person standing beside you will give you the confidence to talk to him. I learned several things, I enjoyed the area, the company and thought it was well worth it. If you have a chance , please go. Next time I am over in France, I will do another tour. Best wishes Sue G.

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