How do I find out more about each tour, and how do I book?

At present I offer five different tours of some of Brittany's many amazing archaeological sites. To find out more about each tour just select each one from the navigation menu. When you have found a tour you like the look of there are various ways you can book.

The first way to book is to contact me via the enquiries form on these pages. Give me the details of your party, the date and the tour you would like and I will get back to you to confirm price and payment information. Bookings made this way are normally paid for by bank transfer at least seven days in advance of your tour. (You can find a price guide with each set of tour details).

Parties who wish to book "last minute" (ie within seven days of their desired tour date) will need to pay in cash at the commencement of the tour.

Here are some other ways to book;-

You can find three of my tours listed on Airbnb Experiences with dates scheduled right throughout the year. Booking with Airbnb is very simple and they handle all the payments. The only downside for me is that they do take a commission!

Finally, a handful of Timetrails tours are listed for July and September 2023 on Viator (part of Trip Advisor). These bookings are also very simple to make and payments are handled smoothly. Viator, however, take an even bigger commission that Airbnb so, obviously, I'd be much happier if you book direct.

However you choose to book I really look forward to meeting you on your next visit to Brittany.


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