What will you get from a Timetrails tour?

Let's take a look at the Locminé Loop tour. Adult prices from 44€ per person (based on a group of nine adult guests booking as a single party) If you are living or taking a holiday in central Brittany, the busy little town of Locminé is a great starting point for a visit to some fascinating sites, ranging from the modest to the intriguing and the truly spectacular. Église Saint-Sauveur et Saint Colomban is our rendez-vous point in Locminé. After meeting in the centre of Locminé w e will head south to explore six fascinating sites. Our first stop will be a brief pause at a small dolmen (burial chamber) after which we will move on to discover a range of menhirs (standing stones), and a couple of sites of uncertain purpose, most of which rarely figure on the itinerary of visitors to this part of Brittany. Our first stop We will explore some of the associations between these sites and their natural surroundings whilst also taking some time to appreciate the ingenuity of the

Transport for your tour

In response to a number of enquiries I would just like to confirm that for insurance and licensing purposes I am unable to provide transport for our tours at this time. For the time-being all our tours are undertaken on a guided self-drive basis so you will need to have access to your own vehicle. Should demand for a chauffeured service continue at the levels we are currently experiencing, however, I will investigate the possibility of offering transport in the not-too-distant future.

Keeping the Dead Amongst the Living

On my tours I talk lots about the continuing relationship between the living and the dead and the significance burial monuments had for ancient communities. Many of the tombs I will take you to show evidence that they were the centre for ongoing rituals over many hundreds of years and, it might surprise you to learn, this didn't just happen in prehistory. All over the world similar rituals still take place. Here's a link to an interesting short video from the BBC that gives a snap shot of one such ritual in Mexico. If you'd like to see the evidence of similar rituals in prehistory why not join me on the fascinating Guerlédan Heights tour? Alternatively, my Locminé Loop and Pink Granite Coast tours also include some compelling evidence of long-term interaction between living people and the ancestors. I look forward to sharing these amazing places with you.

What is Timetrails?

Timetrails is run by a qualified archaeologist who gives guided, self-drive tours of many ancient and mysterious sites in central Brittany. All tours are conducted in English and they focus on sites dating from the Neolithic (New Stone Age) and Bronze Age. Depending on the tours you chose, you will visit Menhirs (standing stones), Cromlechs (stone circles) and several types of ancient burial monument known collectively as Dolmens. Your guide will explain about the lives of people in Brittany up to 6,000 years ago, highlighting their ingenuity and skill as they constructed monuments which demonstrate a deep understanding of engineering, the land, the seasons and the skies above them. At some sites you'll see enigmatic carvings which tempt us to speculate on the beliefs of prehistoric communities and you'll be amazed at some of their achievements. These tours are a unique experience for small groups, offering unrivalled access to an expert guide who will be happy to answer (or at

Places to Stay - a little bit of luxury on Carnac Plage

Following on from my recommendations on places I think you'd enjoy staying, here's something that definitely isn't at the budget end of the market, but I think it's worth considering. If you’re planning a visit to the incredible archaeological sites of Carnac, don’t forget that Carnac is also a thriving seaside resort through the summer months. It offers several lovely beaches, a good selection of bars and restaurants, a casino and a wide range of accommodation options. For a little taste of luxury I can recommend the four star Le Diana hotel. It's right on the seafront and many of the nicely furnished rooms have views over the bay.   The bar and restaurant are on the expensive side but the quality is extremely good.     There’s a health spa and a lovely heated, outdoor pool and terrace, so you can combine your exploration of some prehistoric wonders with a little pampering.   I’ve not been paid anything for this recommendation. I just happen to have stayed here and

Tour prices

  Please note that discounts apply for group bookings making these tours even better value for money. If you would like to guarantee an exclusive tour (i.e. only YOUR party taking part) please refer to the private group prices which apply for private groups of any size up to a maximum of 9 guests. Timetrails 2023 price list (per person) - Child discounts are available (please ask for details). Tour 1 or 2 pers 3 to 5 6 to 9   Private Group (maximum of 9 guests) Meneac Markers   €   45.00   €   40.50   €   36.00   €             155.00 Guerledan Heights   €   45.00   €   40.50   €   36.00   €             155.00 Locmine Loop   €   55.00   €   49.50   €   44.00   €              205.00 St Just   €   55.00   €   49.50   €   44.00   €              205.00 Pink Granite Coast   €   55.00   €   49.50   €   44.00   €              205.00     

Our Summer 2022 Tour Schedule

  If you are planning to visit Brittany this summer, here's a timetable of our scheduled tours over the remainder of the summer months*. Should you be interested in taking any of these tours, or arranging a tour on a date of your choosing, please get in touch and we'd be delighted to get back to you with details.   *Please note, our tours run ALL YEAR ROUND, whatever the weather. AUGUST The Pink Granite Coast Tour will run most Wednesdays throughout August with the Meneac Markers Tour running most Thursdays until September 1st and the Locmine Loop most Fridays until September 2nd. Special additional tours on the Pink Granite Coast will be running on Sunday 14th August and Sunday 28th August, both commencing at 2pm.  

We're back, and busier than ever!

  After a short pause in August while I visited Italy, I'm back out on the Timetrail again.   My tours are growing more and more popular and I'm finding new sites to visit all the time. I've recently added an extra site to the Locminé Loop tour which has a lovely little surprise in store. Tours are booking now for the remainder of September, part of October and selected dates in November. IF you are booking through Airbnb don't forget my tours are scheduled according to a fixed calendar. For more flexibility with dates and times, please contact me via email using See you soon!

Where do we go and how can you book?

If you'd like to learn more about each of the tours we offer, simply go to the menu on the left and browse through each of our tours. You'll find pricing information at the bottom of each page. If you have any questions just use the contact form or email us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. With summer now in full swing (finally), our tours are getting lots of interest. Here are two of our guests enjoying the last site on our Meneac Markers tours this week.

We Accept Paypal

We're happy to confirm that we now accept payment for our tours via Paypal.

Small groups mean a better experience

    Over recent weeks we've been asked why we limit our tour group size to a maximum of seven guests. There are two reasons for doing this. Firstly, most of the sites we visit are not established tourist attractions and, therefore,have very limited places for parking vehicles (sometimes requiring us to park as safely as we can on verges). For this reason we like to ensure there are no more than three cars on each tour.   The second reason is that keeping our groups small means we can focus more on the needs and questions of our guests. Our tours provoke lots of questions so we like to spend some time exploring the answers with you. Experience shows us that a group of six is perfect for these types of discussions and debates.     #brittany #brittanyholiday #archaeologytour #archaeology

Magic across time

Hearts and Hands   One of the things we love about visiting so many ancient sites is the pull they still exert on people, despite the thousands of years that have elapsed since they were built. Over several decades visiting sites together my wife and I have found that, no matter how remote they might be, we are rarely the only people there. That's not to say that these sites are crowded; far from it, but more often than not we arrive as somebody else leaves, or we leave just as somebody else arrives. There is something magical about these sites that has lingered, reaching out across the millennia to pull people towards them, often for reasons that are far too complicated, or personal to explain or even vocalise. This photograph was taken by one of our guests on a recent " Locminé Loop " tour as we walked along a pretty river valley which, in all probability, was the source of stone for some of the local monuments. What motivated people to come here and leave these marks?

Check out our new Youtube channel

We're delighted to announce the launch of our new Youtube channel. With so many amazing sites to see here in Brittany, we'll be adding lots of videos over the coming year. If there's anything you'd like to see, just drop us an email and we'll see if we can get there with our cameras.

English language guided tours in Brittany

Take a walk with an archaeologist. Join me as I visit some of the fascinating prehistoric sites of Brittany. From July 2021 I will be offering a range of half-day and full-day guided tours in the Breton countryside. Faites une promenade avec un archéologue. Rejoignez-moi pour visiter certains des sites préhistoriques fascinants de la Bretagne. A partir de juillet 2021 je proposerai une gamme de visites guidées à la demi-journée et à la journée dans la campagne bretonne.  Veuillez noter que dans un avenir prévisible, toutes les visites seront en anglais. Brittany is rightly famous for some of the most spectacular prehistoric sites you'll find anywhere in Europe, from the awesome alignments of megaliths at Carnac to the beautifully carved interior of Gavrinis in the Gulf of Morbihan. Some of these sites are open to the public as paid attractions with museum displays and plenty of memorabilia on sale. You can, of course, visit these as and when you wish without the need for a speciali