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What is a TimeTrails tour?

It's all about the questions on one of my tours. The more questions you ask, the better!

Six Recommended Places to Stay

I often receive messages asking about great places to stay when taking a Timetrails tour and over the last two years I've featured some lovely places. Owing to the way these pages work some of my earlier recommendations have vanished into the deep distant past and you may have missed them. I am therefore bringing my favourite six recommendations together so you can see them all in one place. If you simply need Bed and Breakfast accommodation, look at the chambres d’h ôtes or maison d’h ôtes. For a self-catering holiday rental, look at the Gites So, here goes (and they're in no particular order) 1) La Charbonniére Mohon La Charbonniére Mohon - is a charming and comfortable house offering chambres d’h ôtes (B&B) in countryside close to the village of Mohon. Set on the eastern edge of Lanou é e forest in central Brittany, you'll be sure of a friendly welcome from your host, Cazzie.   La Charbonniére is very cosy, offering a range of twin and double, en-suite accomm

What is Timetrails?

Timetrails is run by a qualified archaeologist who gives guided, self-drive tours of many ancient and mysterious sites in central Brittany. All tours are conducted in English and they focus on sites dating from the Neolithic (New Stone Age) and Bronze Age. Depending on the tours you chose, you will visit Menhirs (standing stones), Cromlechs (stone circles) and several types of ancient burial monument known collectively as Dolmens. Your guide will explain about the lives of people in Brittany up to 6,000 years ago, highlighting their ingenuity and skill as they constructed monuments which demonstrate a deep understanding of engineering, the land, the seasons and the skies above them. At some sites you'll see enigmatic carvings which tempt us to speculate on the beliefs of prehistoric communities and you'll be amazed at some of their achievements. These tours are a unique experience for small groups, offering unrivalled access to an expert guide who will be happy to answer (or at

Small groups mean a better experience

    Over recent weeks we've been asked why we limit our tour group size to a maximum of seven guests. There are two reasons for doing this. Firstly, most of the sites we visit are not established tourist attractions and, therefore,have very limited places for parking vehicles (sometimes requiring us to park as safely as we can on verges). For this reason we like to ensure there are no more than three cars on each tour.   The second reason is that keeping our groups small means we can focus more on the needs and questions of our guests. Our tours provoke lots of questions so we like to spend some time exploring the answers with you. Experience shows us that a group of six is perfect for these types of discussions and debates.     #brittany #brittanyholiday #archaeologytour #archaeology