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A Review of the Locminé Loop tour

Five stars are not enough! Ten stars at least.  We were staying at La Charbonniére near  Mohon [see details on these pages] and my hubby is into history and was shown the leaflet … me , well I can tag along. The price surprised me. I was in two minds if I should go or not, but I went and boy did I get a surprise!  You see the first location within minutes of starting. Philip, (even though he is a Bsc, MA, etc) is not stuffy, he brings it all alive. He doesn’t lecture you, he poses questions for you to think about. He doesn’t correct you like a schoolteacher, he patiently brings you around to seeing the past. He has a sense of humour… well he would have to have to keep me engaged for the whole afternoon!  Although I am an old lady I didn’t have any problems getting to and from the sites. Sensible shoes and clothes are all you need.  Philip didn’t just know about Neolithic times , he engaged in various other periods (I like medieval) . You can ask questions about anythin

A review of the Ménéac Markers tour

  FIVE STARS! “We had an interesting and thought provoking experience with Philip learning about the giant stones in Ménéac. It was fascinating to hear Philip's stories about the markers, particularly the history of his investigations and discoveries as he researched them. In addition to telling us about these particular Neolithic artifacts, Philip utilises his archeological training to paint a detailed picture of Neolithic times and how the communities lived and celebrated. It was fascinating to walk through ordinary countryside back roads and paths to discover each of the stones and imagine the landscape in those times and the journeys taken by people then. A very different experience from the typical tourist activities in Brittany and a welcome exploration into an ancient time.” Caite, Sydney, Australia