Our Summer 2022 Tour Schedule


If you are planning to visit Brittany this summer, here's a timetable of our scheduled tours over the remainder of the summer months*.

Should you be interested in taking any of these tours, or arranging a tour on a date of your choosing, please get in touch and we'd be delighted to get back to you with details.
*Please note, our tours run ALL YEAR ROUND, whatever the weather.


Thursday 14th July - Meneac Markers
Friday 15th July - Locmine Loop (limited places remaining)
Wednesday 20th July - Pink Granite Coast
Thursday 21st July - Meneac Markers
Friday 22nd July - Locmine Loop
Wednesday 27th July - Pink Granite Coast
Thursday 28th July - Meneac Markers
Friday 29th July - Locmine Loop

The Pink Granite Coast Tour will run most Wednesdays throughout August with the Meneac Markers Tour running most Thursdays until September 1st and the Locmine Loop most Fridays until September 2nd.

Please note there will be a short interruption to our tours from August 15th to August 22nd.

Special additional tours on the Pink Granite Coast will be running on Sunday 14th August and Sunday 28th August, both commencing at 2pm.



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